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GHO Homes is committed to customer satisfaction. We will do what is right and needed, to ensure that your new-home buying experience meets and exceeds the expectations you had of us and we owe to you, our valued customer.

We expect to achieve extraordinary homeowner loyalty because we consider your satisfaction an absolute critical part of our team’s daily objective. Our in-house customer service and quality practices were developed over many years with the help of many talented building professionals and due in large part to the experience we have gained in dealing with past customers who set rigorous standards for us to meet. We are up to and invite the challenge.

Our commitment to get Customer Service right is a driving force in how we operate, who we select to add to our team and how we prioritize each day. If for any reason any customer does not feel the Customer Service is up to the standards they expect, they are asked to contact me directly. My cell phone number is 561.719.4410 and email is billh@ghohomes.com.

I assure you I will see to it we resolve any issues at hand.

Bill Handler, President
GHO Homes Corporation

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