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If the emergency is life threatening, is a fire or a gas leak - please call 911.

GHO Homes makes every effort to have a customer service team member available at all times to deal with emergencies that might arise while you are in your home. GHO Homes warranty covers 1 year from closing. Timing may vary on purchases of model homes and inventory homes.

Our definition of an emergency includes:

  • Total Loss of Electricity
  • Total Loss of Water
  • Total Loss of Air Conditioning
  • Total Loss of Heat
  • Roof Leak
  • Water Leak
  • No Hot Water (Check Breaker First)

If any of these issues arise during business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday -Friday) please contact the GHO Homes customer service office at 772-873-1710. If you are unable to reach the customer service office, it is after hours, weekend or on a Holiday - please contact Laura Vegueria at 772-233-9363 or Julio Recio at 561-722-1049.

Please be assured that you, our homeowner, are our priority and we will make every attempt to be available to help you. However, we will not jeopardize our employees and subcontractors by sending them in unsuitable conditions. Please be diligent to protect your home and property in any way possible until we can arrive to help with your situation.

For appliance issues - please contact GE at 1-800-626-8690 or via the web by clicking here.

For all other Non-Emergency repairs, please contact the customer service department at 772-873-1710 during regular business hours or complete and submit the Customer Service Request form.

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