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Testimonial 06/02/2013


Mr. Handler,

I am one who believes that the people in an organization are what makes a company successful, or just a mundane gathering of individuals that work for a paycheck.  Having said this, I wanted to take a moment of your time, as well as mine to let you know that your people represent your company at the highest level and most professional manner.  I recently spent considerable time with four of your employees, and was impressed with the manner which they conducted their part of the business as it related to my needs and inquiries.

Both my wife and I were trying to put resources together which would enable us to commit to a new home on Lot#2, in Bedford Park, within the Tradition Community.  At this time, I have to sell a home in Orlando, Florida, an Airplane, as well as a small Mercedes sports Car, to acquire the funds to properly close on that new home.  We currently have another home in Huntersville, North Carolina which was a concern to us at the time however, it has since been resolved.  With all of the market uncertainties we regretfully had to resign ourselves to waiting until some of the “Toys” were financially disposed of before signing a contract with GHO Homes.

We had the real pleasure of working for several days with “Deb” “Dot” “Jerry” and “Terry” in your Model Home Offices there in Bedford Park.  We would be remiss if we did not let you know how hard these folks worked to help us, and the genuine efforts they put forth on our behalf.  These people are real professionals and are valued assets to your company, please let those employees know how much both Janie and I appreciate them.  It is my intention to continue the marketing of the assets which are essential to our financial ability to re-open negotiations with your company.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert & Janie

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