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Testimonial 04/13/2013


Hi Debbie,

Frank and I want to thank you for your kindness and the nice bag that was given to us.  The goodies will come in handy, Saturday when I start cleaning and putting stuff away.  We really appreciate the gift card, that was a very nice surprise.  

Please make sure you thank Bill Handler for us also, that was very generous of Him to do that.

We want to say that EVERYONE has been very helpful and more than kind each time we have needed a question answered and something done.  Sheryl has been wonderful to us for the last 7 months.  From say one, she has been more than kind and helpful.  We have enjoyed working with Chad, he is a great guy.  He has really taken over and gets the work done when needed.  He has put up with a lot from Me and keeps on smiling.  He goes over and beyond to solve the problems, that I think are problems.

Last but not least, Rich did a great job at the house the other day.  We came in and saw a few things that needed done and he got them all cleaned up and the house looks great.  He is always happy and ready to do his job.

It has been a long 6 months and I can’t believe we are finally able to move into our new house.  We are very proud to live at Fieldstone Ranch, and have been telling everyone about GHO Homes and how beautiful they are.

Thank you so very much,

Ann & Frank

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