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Testimonial 06/01/2013


Dear Bill,

In late August friends living in the Tradition Community showed the family the new areas under construction.  They were impressed with the Madison model located in the Bedford Park area.  At the time we resided in the Melbourne area but did have some personal reasons to think about relocating.  Therefore, we revisited the area and met with Deb to discuss the possibilities of purchasing a Madison model.  Deb was most articulate and understanding in her explanations of living in the community and the various advantages associated therewith.

Later in September we were invited to return and discuss our customization desires with Deb and an Engineer, Larry.  Both were most helpful with good solid hints and clarifications.  Larry was most accommodating in making fixes as we desired and made suggestions to further enhance our requests.  Shortly thereafter Larry was reassigned and Jerry was assigned as the construction supervisor.  Jerry quickly continued a smooth transfer and work effort.

Then came the hard part in selecting interior designs including colors, upgrades, textures, insulations, etc,.  Deb’s input and suggestions were immeasurably valuable and uncanny as to how they fit into our thought process.  Deb’s assistance continued throughout the whole building process helping coordinate closing and making sure that all elements were completed efficiently.  Melbourne is a fairly long commute and Deb’s efforts helped keep us off that route.

Jerry was accordingly most helpful during the construction process.  He insured that all went well and timely.  We felt most confident with him on the job and again reduced our visits to the normal scheduled reviews.  He was meticulous in reviewing the work effort and saw things that we had not thought of and made suggestions and corrections on the spot.  Even after closing Jerry continued to see the smaller things that needed correcting and saw to it being completed timely.  We moved in on 1 May 2013 and as we noticed some areas that needed to be cleaned or fixed, a call to Jerry resulted in completion almost immediately.

These actions on the part of Deb and Jerry are greatly appreciated and noted as that of dedicated employees oriented to satisfying the home owner.  These efforts on their part bring great credit upon themselves and the organization which they serve.



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