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Realtor/Broker Client Registration Form

To register your clients, complete and submit the online client registration form below, or print, complete and email to or bring with you to visit our sales offices.

  1. Commissions earned in the amount of three (3%) of the net Base price of home only after applying any concessions, discounts, credits or the like including the value of any option, closing cost, financing, lot premium or other discount offered in any fashion with regard to this transaction. will be funded to the above Real Estate Company by GHO Homes after closing of the sale to the above-named client provided the client purchases during the registration period. In the event a home is sold with a bulk price including options and the like, the current published base price for that same model shall be considered the Base price for commission's purposes and not the full bulk sales price.
  2. The undersigned acknowledges that in the event the above-referenced purchase fails to close for any reason whatsoever, no commission is earned, nor will a commission be paid by GHO Homes and in the event any commission was advanced or paid in any manner in prior to closing, such payment shall be returned to GHO Homes upon request.
  3. Registration cannot be honored if the Buyers have visited the model homes or submitted a web/email information request or are in any way registered in the leads database by GHO Homes prior to this registration. We cannot honor "drive-by" agency, or sending clients to the model homes with instructions to tell our sales counselor that "you're working with me." Realtor/ Broker must accompany and register the prospect/customer on the initial visit to the sales office.
  4. Realtors/ Brokers registered on this form will be protected for a period of 30 days from the date of registration. GHO Homes MAY grant extensions upon written request, any such extension shall be in writing or they are invalid.
  5. The expiration of an initial registration without an extension expressly authorizes GHO Homes the right to work with the same client without any obligation to the below signed realtor/broker named on this registration form.
  6. The Realtor/Broker acknowledges that he has informed the undersigned client and GHO Homes that he is acting as a:

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