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Before You Design Your Dream Home, Make These Decisions

 TCPalm, April 30, 2019


Planning to build or move into a new house? You have homework to do. To create a space that fulfills all your wants and needs, it requires some proactive, informed thought about the look and feel you hope to achieve.

If the prospect of making so many decisions is overwhelming, consider working with a homebuilder who can assist you with this process and make what could be a complicated process easy. For instance, GHO Homes offers a 3500-square-foot Design Studio, that makes the difficult decisions associated with building a home more manageable. After purchase, visit the Design Studio to meet with professional design consultants who will help ensure you have no regrets about building the home of your dreams.

Homebuyers meet with a design consultant at the design center to select the many details that add up to a dream home. For instance, they make color selections, pick flooring materials and help create a cohesive, professionally designed home. To help the design expert get a sense of what they want, customers can bring inspirational pictures and fabric swatches.


Interactive floorplans can help to solve many of the problems and questions you may have when it comes to thinking about your new home. Often, you can try different floorplan and design options within a floorplan to get a better idea of what is the best fit for you and your family. GHO Homes website offers interactive floorplans that can be saved and revisited for reference as you think about building your next home.


The result of an interactive process and design center professionals? The decision-making process is fun, informed and streamlined. Most importantly, the customer’s home will meet their expectations and dreams. Now that the intimidation factor has been removed, read on for the questionnaire. Then, get designing and building! 

Pose the big questions

  • Which aspects of my current home (and past homes) do I dislike?
  • Which aspects of my current home (and past homes) do I like and want to keep?
  • Which features do I want in my new home?
  • If I find a builder’s model that I like, am I able to make changes to it so that it fits my needs and lifestyle?

Consider function

  • Will I be having overnight guests? If yes, do I need a guest room?
  • What about an in-law suite for other family members residing in the home?
  • Do I need dual master bedrooms?
  • Should the master bedroom include a sitting area?
  • How many bedrooms and full bathrooms do I need?
  • What about half bathrooms?
  • Do all full bathrooms need to include tubs and showers? Do I want to upgrade tubs and showers to a walk-in or roll-in option?
  • Do I want a room to accommodate a hobby, such as crafting? If so, does the room need to be a certain size or have specific features?
  • Do I have any furniture (such as a king-size master bed) that requires rooms to be a certain size or shape?
  • Is saving energy a concern? Do I want energy-saving appliances?
  • How important is an outdoor living space? Which features would I like outside? Pool? Summer Kitchen? Fire pit? Deck? Patio?
  • Do I want a mud room?
  • In the kitchen, do I want double ovens? How high-end do I want my appliances to be?
  • Do I need the laundry room to include additional storage?

Select desired finishes

  • What color scheme do I want?
  • What style of décor do I want?
  • Do I want a granite or quartz countertop in the kitchen?
  • Should I go for light or dark kitchen cabinets?
  • What type of flooring should I choose?

Remember, if answering these questions seems too daunting to do on your own, seek out the services of professionals, like the GHO HomesDesign Studio.

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