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GHO Homes Prepares for Impending Storm

Our team has already begun the task of preparing for the pending storm and believe that the best way to communicate our plan and process is through a continuous stream of information that will be available on this webpage. Please continue to check back for additional information - however, we ask that you refrain from contacting us with individual requests until we complete our plan. As of Friday morning, if there is anything you feel we need to address, that has not already been addressed, you may reach out to us at
Any closings scheduled for the next two weeks will be reviewed after the storm passes and you will be contacted individually to advise status and closing dates.
All scheduled warranty work for Thursday and Friday will be canceled to allow our team to take advantage of full-staff availability in preparing and securing job sites.
As of today, all vertical construction has been scaled back to allow us to prepare and secure communities, models and homes under construction.  
We will attempt to have all full or partially filled dumpsters replaced with empty dumpsters. Any partially or fully filled dumpster that cannot be exchanged in time will be secured to the best of our abilities.
All portolets will be moved or secured.
Wednesday and Thursday our construction team will be visiting each community to remove all temporary signage, road drainage blocking bags and secure the job sites to the best of our abilities.  
Our subcontractors will be on site and all roofs with tile stacked will be banded and secured.
Future GHO Homes' storm information will be updated on this page as it becomes available.
For more Emergency Preparedness, please visit the following sites:
County Emergency Services
County Emergency Plan
Special Needs Shelter Information
Animal Shelter Registration Information
Thank you in advance for your patience as we prepare for this storm.

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