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Palm Beach County 2030: Retirees, young families moving north in search of less expensive homes

From Palm Beach Post 
By Abraham Mahshie Special to the Post
Posted Dec 18, 2019 at 12:46 PM 


With new medical jobs, 45-minute commute times and homes six figures cheaper than Palm Beach County, young families and Baby Boomers prepping for retirement are looking north to St. Lucie County, with some even moving to Indian River and Martin counties.

Thomas Furlong, 39, a mechanical engineer who was born and raised in Lake Worth and works in Jupiter, resisted making the move north from Palm Beach County because of the specter of a longer morning commute. But with a one-year-old and another on the way, a two-bedroom rental at about $2,000 a month just didn’t make sense — and million-dollar homes priced him out.

Now, for a 27-minute commute and $1,900 a month, he pays the mortgage, taxes and insurance on the family’s brand-new 2,200 square-foot five-bedroom, three-bath home in Woodland Trails, off the first Port St. Lucie exit.

“At first, the drive kind of was a little of a deterrent, but once we actually went up there and saw the value that we could get, we were hooked,” he said. “The drive is actually nice. It’s in the morning, you can kind of clear your head and relax.”


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